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December 7, 2007

What Does Doctoroff’s Departure Mean?

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Yesterday, the mayor announced that Daniel Doctoroff, his deputy mayor for economic development and one of his closest advisers, is leaving to become president of Bloomberg L.P.  One writer speculates that this move could be in preparation for a Presidential run, with Bloomberg wanting to put someone he trusts at the head of his company, and also in case it ends up being sold.

Doctoroff gave the mayor some glowing praise in an interview:

“I think he would be a fabulous president. I think sometimes we don’t appreciate – or maybe we do – about how rare the kind of leadership that he’s providing is,” Doctoroff told NY1’s Sandra Endo. “Here we are in New York City today with a mayor who is completely independent, has absolute integrity, and brings a degree of civility to public discourse that I think is really responsible for our being able to get these big bold things done, in a very diverse fractious city.”

Asked by Endo whether he thinks Bloomberg should run, Doctoroff replied:

“I wish he would but you know there are real serious political and other considerations, but I think he’d be fabulous.”


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